Ask A Therapist: Which Hierarchies Should My Child Follow?

I am a parent who has been watching your DVDs in order to help my son – I don’t think there is a TalkTools trained therapist where I live (Hawaii). How do I know which hierarchies ar...

TalkTools Marketing Team 23 May 18

Success Story: Colter & Vanessa

In April of 2015, I received an e-mail about a little boy with Down syndrome named Colter. His mother was desperately seeking help…he couldn’t chew his food and she was at her wits end t...

TalkTools Marketing Team 23 Sep 16

Success Story: Lily & Vanessa

LILY, 3 YEARS 4 MONTHS OLD, UNILATERAL CLEFT LIP AND PALATE When I saw that my former supervisor from my job during college and graduate school was adopting another special needs child from...

TalkTools Marketing Team 14 Jul 16